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At Magic Touch, we understand the substantial investment your vehicle represents and that is why we strive to provide you with the best service that you and your automobile deserve.

We are a Full Service All by Hand Car Wash. We don't have spinning brushes, mindless machines or heavy equipment to damage the finish of your car.

What we do have is actual people, using soft synthetic lambswool mitts to gently clean the dirt and grime from your vehicle. We use only the finest Car Care Products and best Leather Cleaners to clean, polish and wax your vehicle and continually seek products with the least environmental impact.

Our Services include Wash & Vac, Cut & Polish Steam Cleaning, Leather Protection, Paint Protection. We will gladly hand wash and detail your motorcycle.

We are open year round. Please call us prior to visiting our location.

Our phone number is 0449 191 983

We will take care of your vehicle.

Thank you for your business!

Why us?

10 years experience of car wash & detailing. 

Experienced detailers who will take care of your cars

We use speciality formulated chemicals from German technology

Unbeatable pricing you will never get anyone else

Our business is fully insured

Our focus 100% quality satisfaction